AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH! The copyright website is closed till Monday!

…so I’ll have to file the copyright then…

Guess I’ll go help Dave hunt his sock puppet…

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David Schoenenburg released some new titles

…and he hasn’t had time to do a lot of publicity about them.  But you can see for yourself at

Maybe he’ll do something else that’s useful, as soon as he gets done chasing his sock puppet around.

I’m releasing one of my own, as soon as I file the copyright.

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“Idiocracy” movie review

This was a really funny movie, but if you are in a customer service or customer assistance related profession, DON’T watch it.  Really.  (A few customer service quotes:  “Hi.  How do I turn off my wireless network security?”  “I was mad because I couldn’t get the right channel on TV, so I just hit a bunch of buttons, and now I can’t get anything but static.  Can you help me?”)

It’s set in the future, when stupid people have taken over, because they breed faster than smart people.

Get it here:


Luke Wilson, Maya …

Buy New $11.93

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Pending Book Release

I ought to have the details out in a couple of days, as soon as I file the copyright…

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Preferences and training of the average PC user

I’ve found, from the number of people who ask for help fixing PC malfunctions, that the average user, even highly trained (in other fields) people, doesn’t appear to know anything about PC security, and can’t select a good antivirus/malware program on their own.  The people who tend to visit blogs like this already know a lot about PCs, and don’t need any advice here, which they already get from a well-trusted commercial site, or larger blog.

I see PCs clogged with viruses, trojans, and taken over by rootkits.  The easiest way (often the only effective way) to fix it would be to reload the operating system, but they don’t have the CDs for whatever reason.  Some of this malware has rewritten the operating system or written itself into essential drivers, and the software damage can’t be undone by just removing the malware.

The current list of preventative software that I like is:  Norton Internet Security, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Malwarebytes Antimalware.

The average user trend is to use something free, and only one program.  Then they wonder why their PC won’t work.

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ASUS laptops

These come with a one-year accidental damage warranty.  This looks like the best deal on the Net.  I just got done checking out the cheapest ASUS laptop I could find, and it’s got this coverage.  In an upcoming post, I will review what all the details in a computer ad mean, but if you need a laptop now, get an ASUS.

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Some common acronyms on the test…

ISP – Internet Service Provider – Company that provides a building’s connection to the Internet

HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTPS – Hypertext Tansfer Protocol Secure – Used for business transactions and exchange of sensitive data like credit card numbers

DMA – Direct Memory Access – A device can be assigned a DMA channel and input or output directly from memory, bypassing the Central Processing Unit, which speeds its operation up.

IRQ – Interrupt ReQuest – These are now dynamically assigned, but at first, there were hardwired data lines that sent signals to the CPU and were handled in priority order.

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