Today’s Acronyms

When I was reading computer texts, and I actually read the Network+ and Security+ texts from cover to cover, I found nothing more annoying than the alphabet soup of acronyms that were used.  So I am assembling a glossary of all computer and Internet business acronyms into a nice reference list, for computer and Internet students and book readers.  Here are five for today, and some technical jargon, also:


ROI – Return On Investment


PPC – Pay Per Click – Means something like a link or an ad that requires the advertiser to pay the site owner with the link or ad, every time a mouse click on the link or ad is registered.


Click fraud – A site operator clicks on links or has others click on links, not because anyone is interested in the advertised product, but just to total up more clicks on Pay Per Click links, to drive up the number of clicks and get paid more by the advertiser.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Getting your web site ranked higher in Search Engine results, a Search Engine being a site like Google or .


IBM – International Business Machines – Major mainframe computer manufacturer and Personal Computer manufacturer.


IP address – Internet Protocol address, consisting of four numbers in the format xx.xx.xx.xx , for example, .


Hex – Hexadecimal or base 16 numbers, using the digits 0123456789ABCDEF .  The number system most people use is base 10, meaning each place represents that many times a power of ten, for example, 127 = (1 x 102) + (2 x 101) + (7 x 100) , and base 10 uses the digits 0123456789 .  127 in base 10, represented as 12710 , is 7F in base 16, represented as 7F16 .  7F16 = (7 x 161) + (F x 160) , where F represents a value of 1510

(7 x 161) + (F x 160) = (7 x 16) + (15 x 1) = 127 .  Hex is a common computer number system.

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