More acronyms

After about a week, I’ll enter all of these on a page in alphabetical order.  In about a month, there should be a nice complete list.  Some of these, like ISO and NEC, used to be very difficult to look up for some reason.  Now they’re on Google.

Organization acronyms, in the Net+ book:

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Sets standards for, for example, wireless and ethernet.

ANSI – American National Standards Institute – Since 1918, has been setting standards.  Most recently known for ANSI graphics, a pre-video graphics display technology using colored text characters.

ISO – International Organization for Standardization – Sets international standards to make international trade easier.  Following these standards ensures that plugs, nuts and bolts, etc. that are made in different countries fit each other all over the world.

NEC – Nippon Electric Company – One of the most important chip makers in the world.  “Nippon” is a traditional Japanese name for “Japan.”

ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange – the characters represented by one byte of data.  This is the standardization of how a letter, number, punctuation mark, or other character is digitally represented in a modern computer.

IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority – Founded by the US Government in 1988, this is the entity that oversees IP (Internet Protocol) address assignments by category, region, etc.


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