Preferences and training of the average PC user

I’ve found, from the number of people who ask for help fixing PC malfunctions, that the average user, even highly trained (in other fields) people, doesn’t appear to know anything about PC security, and can’t select a good antivirus/malware program on their own.  The people who tend to visit blogs like this already know a lot about PCs, and don’t need any advice here, which they already get from a well-trusted commercial site, or larger blog.

I see PCs clogged with viruses, trojans, and taken over by rootkits.  The easiest way (often the only effective way) to fix it would be to reload the operating system, but they don’t have the CDs for whatever reason.  Some of this malware has rewritten the operating system or written itself into essential drivers, and the software damage can’t be undone by just removing the malware.

The current list of preventative software that I like is:  Norton Internet Security, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Malwarebytes Antimalware.

The average user trend is to use something free, and only one program.  Then they wonder why their PC won’t work.

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